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  • 3D Printing

    3D Printing (2)

    3D Printing will be the primary step towards creating a final part for reproduction. These 3D Printing products can be used to ensure the surface finish on your parts are expertly finished before moulding.
  • Adhesives

    Adhesives (17)

    AMT supplies a wide range of adhesives from epoxy, super instant, super set and many more adhesives. Have a look at the products down below for more detailed information on each adhesive.
  • Carbon, Glass, Aramid Reinforcements

    Carbon, Glass, Aramid Reinforcements (28)

    AMT Composites stocks an enormous range of carbon, glass and aramid reinforcements. The fabrics are available as woven, non woven (stitched fabrics) and unidirectional materials of varying areal weights (mass per unit area of a single ply of dry reinforcement fabric). The areal weight will fairly accurately indicate the thickness of a ply.
  • Fillers, Powders & Pigments

    Fillers, Powders & Pigments (16)

    Most resin systems can be filled and/or pigmented with a variety of powders, pastes and liquids. The reason to fill the resin can be to bulk it up to increase the volume at lower cost than neat resin, to change the colour or create an effect such as wood-grain, or to modify the properties such as the strength, density or…
  • Lifecasting Materials

    Lifecasting Materials (9)

    Easy to use alginates are quick and economical; good for making single use molds of the hands, face, etc. Skin safe silicone's are used to make lasting molds used over and over for casting resins, wax and more.
  • Masterworks Green Technology

    Masterworks Green Technology (3)

    Material One is a low toxicity, water based resin that can be used for laminating or casting. This solvent-less system has little to no shrinkage and a variety of fillers can be added to create natural stone or metal effects. Material One is a two-part material consisting of a mineral crystal base and a water-based acrylic resin. These cross-link to…
  • Sealing and Release Agents

    Sealing and Release Agents (14)

    AMT Composites stocks a variety of release agents, ranging from aerospace approved semi-permanent systems such as the Frekote range to simple paste waxes that are applied by hand. The release agent range has been broken down into release agents that are typically used in Advanced Composites applications, such as epoxy reinforced laminates and release agents typically used in mould making…
  • Sheet Wax

    Sheet Wax (2)

    Sheet Wax is used primarily to simulate metal or part thickness when making metal forming dies or punches, resin transfer molds (RTM), or any two part molds where a uniform part thickness is desired. AMT Composites stocks wax sheets with easy to apply adhesive backing in a range of thicknesses.
  • Silicone Rubber

    Silicone Rubber (34)

    Silicone casting rubbers are used for a variety of moulding and tooling applications ranging from the development of prototype parts to production moulds. They offer excellent release characteristics and are ideal for casting epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resin systems. An advantage of using silicone's over urethane's in mould making is that they are self-releasing. Usually, no mould release is required…
  • Starter Kits

    Starter Kits (7)

    These range of starter kits will help introduce you to our life-casting, silicone and special effect products in a easy-to-use step-by-step process. Great for first timers or beginners.
  • Tools and Equipment

    Tools and Equipment (61)

    Getting the best result often starts with the right tools and equipment for the job. AMT Composites carries a wide range of tools and equipment selected for their value and reliability.
  • Urethane Rubber

    Urethane Rubber (13)

    Urethane elastomers are widely used when a flexible mold material is required and the more expensive and less abrasion-resistant silicone rubber is not desired. However, their use requires careful application of release agents as urethane's are adhesive. When used in conjunction with sealant and a release agent, urethane rubber can be poured or brushed to make accurate moulds or elastomeric…
  • Cores & Panels

    Cores & Panels (17)

    Lightweight and stiff composite structures are built using sandwich construction, in which a lightweight core material is bonded to facing sheets. A sandwich panel is much like an I-beam, but with the flanges and web extended in all directions. The skins of a sandwich panel correlate with the flanges of the I-Beam, and the sandwich core is similar to the…
  • Epoxy Systems

    Epoxy Systems (34)

    Epoxies generally out-perform most other resin types in terms of mechanical properties and resistance to environmental degradation, which leads to their almost exclusive use in aircraft components. As a laminating resin their increased adhesive properties and resistance to water degradation make these resins ideal for use in applications such as boat building. Epoxies differ from polyester resins in that they…
  • Mix + Pour Expanding Foams

    Mix + Pour Expanding Foams (7)

    Rigid and flexible expanding urethane foams are available in a variety of densities. These cast-able urethane foams will expand to many times their original volume when mixed. They have been developed for a variety of industrial and special effects applications and the foam products can be pigmented to achieve various color effects. The rigid foams are especially useful as reinforcement…
  • Polyester Systems

    Polyester Systems (8)

    Unsaturated polyester resins are the workhorse of the composites industry. There is a large range of polyesters made from different acids, glycols and monomers, all having varying properties. The polymer is dissolved in a reactive monomer such as styrene to give a low viscosity liquid. Unsaturated polyesters are divided into classes depending upon the structures of their basic building blocks.…
  • Tooling & Modelling Board

    Tooling & Modelling Board (3)

    Tooling boards, also known as modeling boards and machinable slabs, are typically made from filled polyurethane and they exhibit very high dimensional stability and low density. Tooling boards take the place of wood and metal in master models, prototype tooling, patterns, molds, jigs and fixtures. They are lighter and more economical than steel and aluminum. They also do not suffer…
  • Urethane Resin

    Urethane Resin (16)

    AMT Composites stock a variety of resin and foam systems that are suitable for casting into rigid or flexible moulds. It should be noted that vacuum degassing and even pressure casting may be required to achieve bubble free castings.
  • Vacuum Bag and Infusion Consumables

    Vacuum Bag and Infusion Consumables (19)

    Vacuum bagging and resin infusion are two processing methods that provide excellent fibre fractions, excellent laminate consolidation and improved strength-to-weight ratios when compared to hand lamination. This can be achieved with low capital expenses and is less labour intensive than hand laminated parts. The processes are principally suited for moulding low cost components that are too large and/or complex to…
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