NT-350HT Modified Epoxy Prepreg

The NT-350HT Enduredge Max represents the next generation highly toughened prepreg resin technology.

NT-350HT Modified Epoxy Prepreg

The NT-350HT Enduredge Max represents the next generation highly toughened prepreg resin technology.

This novel prepreg product offers outstanding surface finish and laminate quality using vacuum bag only processing. Unlimited out-time (no refrigerated storage) with zero change in process parameters over time. NT-350HT allows the parts builder to efficiently build large out-of-autoclave structures with near zero voids without complicated debulking processes or elaborate cure cycles.

While NT-350HT was designed for OOA processing, it is perfectly suitable for in autoclave processes as well. NT-350HT is suitable for aerospace secondary and primary structures, space and satellite structures and radomes.

Product Features

Excellent Mechanical Properties – full mechanicals without post cure

  • No Freezer Storage; >12 months out-time at ambient storage conditions (70- 80°F)
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties with Vacuum Bag Only processing
  • Unique engineered air release channels allows excellent OOA processing
  • Very thick laminates can be produced without any debulk steps
  • No changes in laminate processing conditions or rheology over time
  • Optimized for high quality surface finish

Handling Procedures

The following guidelines are provided to our customers to assure that best practices are used to attain the best results from NEXX Technology’s epoxy products. Keep in mind that these procedures represent best practices for all composite prepreg and adhesive materials.

Freezer Storage

Freezer storage is not required. It will not damage the product but is completely unnecessary. The product is designed to be kept on the shop floor at temperatures below 100″F (37″C) for over a year with no changes in properties, rheology or processing conditions.

Moisture Absorption and Sensitivity

While very resistant to moisture absorption after cure, epoxies can be adversely affected by moisture uptake prior to cure. Other materials may experience moisture buildup when they are removed from frozen storage. Fortunately, the Enduredge prepreg does not require freezer storage. It will always be ready for immediate use.

Handling Materials

When handling any prepreg materials, always wear clean, powder-free latex gloves. This assures that no hand oils are transferred to the prepreg and/or composite during processing. The presence of oils in the part could lead to problems in both mechanical and electrical performance of the part. This also guards against dermatitis that may occur with some users.

Use of Honeycomb and Foam Core Materials

When using nonmetallic honeycomb and foam core materials for sandwich structures, the materials should always be dried in an oven prior to lay-up to drive off any moisture that may be in the core. The core should be cooled in the presence of a desiccant to avoid moisture uptake. Following drying, it is always best to use the material as soon as possible. Recommended core dry time/temp: 121°C (250°F) for 3-4 hours.

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