Rohacell – HF

Negligible Absorbtion in the High Frequency Range

Rohacell – HF

With its extremely low dielectric constants and particularly favorable transmission properties in the high frequency region, ROHACELL® HF has been specially designed for antenna applications.

Applications range from miniature antennas in cell phones to large fixed ship-based and stationary antenna structures. Other advantages of ROHACELL® HF in such applications are its extremely fine cell structure that ensures minimal resin uptake, and problem-free compatibility with metallic facing materials due to the absence of corrosive effects.

ROHACELL® HF is also used in radomes and mammography plates.

Fine-cell materials can be processed by hand lay-up, prepreg, or vacuum infusion techniques at pressures up to 0.3 MPa and temperatures up to 130°C.

Sales Range For ROHACELL® HF in mm

Size [mm]
Standard sheet thickness [mm]
31 HF
2500 x 1250
1 – 120
51 HF
2500 x 1250
1 – 110
71 HF
2160 x 1100
1 – 95

Thickness tolerance +/- 0.008 inch, other tolerances available on request.

All dimension ranges presented in these tables are standard.

We stock a limited range of Rohacell HF, and import to order specifications. For stock availability, please contact us below.

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