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What is M1 Master Works?

Material One is an environmentally friendly two-part material consisting of a mineral crystal base and a water-based acrylic resin.
These cross-link to form high strength reacted crystals within an acrylic envelope.


Material One has been formulated by Master Works™ to yield a product with:

• No solvents
• Low toxicity
• Low exotherm
• Excellent surface finishes
• Good physical and mechanical properties
• Resistance to water and UV
• Excellent characteristic under freeze-thaw
• Improved working environment
• Safe at fire

• Castings
• Laminating Panels

Fillers can be used with Material One as a bulking agent or to create decorative effects. Excellent stone and metal finishes can be achieved with Material One.


There are no expensive adjustments needed in the working area to process Material One. Tools can be cleaned with water. With its environmental friendly production and process Material One fits perfectly into the latest trends in building.


• Architectural
• Cladding
• Interior & Exterior Panels
• Interior Design
• Sculptures
• Building Decoration
• Mould Making
• Movie Sets
• Themed Environments

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