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AMT Composites stocks a variety of release agents, ranging from aerospace approved semi-permanent systems such as the Frekote range to simple paste waxes that are applied by hand. The release agent range has been broken down into release agents that are typically used in Advanced Composites applications, such as epoxy reinforced laminates and release agents typically used in mould making and casting applications. Note that there is some crossover of products in the two categories. The selection of the correct release agent is vital to the success of any moulding process and it must be ensured that the release agent is compatible with both the tool material and the material being cast or laminated into the tool.

  • Composite Release

    Composite Release (5)

    The release agents in this section are typically used for releasing advanced composites parts from metal or composite tools. These release agents are not permanenet and have to be applied to the mold every time it is used. Release agents may be a liquid release coating, a wax, or even a solid barrier such as PVA or teflon (PTFE) tape.…
  • Frekote Semi-Permanent

    Frekote Semi-Permanent (3)

    Frekote cleaners, sealers and releases agents provided the complete mould system to release Advanced Composites from glass fibre, carbon fibre and aluminium moulds. Aircraft Component manufacturers value the non-transferring properties of Frekote semi-permanent formulations. Other manufacturers rely on Frekote's superior multiple release performance. Frekote semi-permanent release agents are non-silicone materials which bond to tooling surfaces. They do not migrate or…
  • Moulding and Casting Release

    Moulding and Casting Release (6)

    Selecting the correct mould release agent for your mould making and casting application is critical to achieving the desired result. AMT Composites carry a full range of sealers and release agents to cover many applications, including aerosol and liquid, solvent based or water based but all made specificlly for mold making and casting. Note that release agents cannot be universally…
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