AMT Composites Customer Showcase

Welcome to our customer showcase, a testament to the brilliance that can be achieved when innovation and execution meet great products.

Through a process that marries technological advancement and traditional craftsmanship, our products undergo a metamorphosis. From the everyday great, to the extraordinary, these finished products, produced by our customers, are a testament to their skill and our dedication to supplying only the best. Witness the transformation, marvel at the end products, and embark on a journey with us.

Stan Wallace and the Carbon Fibre Revolution in Motorsport

With a team of no more than six members, Wallace Race Composites matches the quality of world-class composites produced by teams like Audi, Peugeot or Mini, who employ 40-60 staff members. The team now builds more than a 100 different parts for the Toyota Gazoo Racing Hilux, with each part tailored to the specific requirements of different events.

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