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Generally speaking, polyurethanes are synthetic resins or plastics that result from a polyaddition reaction between dialcohols or polyols and polyisocyanates.

Polyurethane casting resin has a wide range of properties that vary from application to application and cover a wide range of possibilities. Thus, not only thermoplastics but also thermosets and elastomers are produced from it.

In general, the casting resin consists of a two-component system of resin and hardener, which hardens after mixing through a chemical reaction. PU casting resins can, just like epoxy resin and polyester resin, be combined with various additives as well as filling materials or colorants. This gives them the desired properties. For example, the user can add an inhibitor to the resin to increase the so-called pot life, i.e., the processing time. As a result, this can be made very variable to suit any application.

There are also color pigments and fluorescent dyes that can give the polyurethane resin a specific color. This allows you to adapt the resin to your own requirements. Examples of fillers are, among others, cotton flocks, glass fibers, mineral fillers, and lightweight fillers. With these, the user can influence properties such as mechanical strength, stiffness, or surface hardness.

The areas of application for PU resin are incredibly diverse. Polyurethane casting resin is a fascinating material for both industry and the do-it-yourselfer.

For example, foams can be produced from PU, but also paints, adhesives, and coatings. However, PU also protects electronic assemblies from a wide range of environmental influences such as mechanical stress or moisture. Therefore, these are usually encapsulated.

But also for the production of damping and spring elements, casting tires, instrument transformers for medium and high voltage technology, drive elements as well as various wearing parts, the PU resin has become invaluable.

In contrast to the production of foam, where a reaction with water and the resulting foam formation is desired, in all other applications, the surfaces with which the liquid PU resin comes into contact should be completely dry. Otherwise, the polyurethane casting resin may lose its favorable properties.

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