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Expanding foam is first and foremost a product used for insulating and sealing.

The great benefit is it can fit into virtually any space. With the straw applicator, use in tight areas is a quick and easy.

Some of the most common uses for expanding foam are for sealing cracks and holes around the home. It also is a standard product for using around window and door installations. It works as an insulation (for temperature and sound-proofing) and is an effective barrier against insects and larger pests.

Other uses include:

  • Appling around pipes to quiet the rattle as water flows.
  • Use as an adhesive for outdoor landscaping projects such as balanced stones (stacks), waterfalls, or bird-baths.
  • Artistic sculpture, or as a medium for sculpting items and props for decorating, Halloween, Cosplay, etc.
  • Use as a packing material for extremely delicate items.
  • In vases/containers for artificial flower arrangements.
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