Polyester Topcoat/Poolcoat – White 5.15kg


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Polyester Topcoat/Poolcoat – White 1.03kg is a Durable White pre-accelerated, thixotropic unsaturated polyester surface coat based on Isophthalic Acid and Neopentyl Glycol designed for use as a protective, decorative layer directly onto the glass reinforced laminate layers in the relining and repair of swimming pools.

Polyester Poolcoat - White 5kg


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Butanox M50 Catalyst - 150g


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Features & Benefits

  • Thixotropic – Minimal drainage with excellent levelling properties
  • Pre-Accelerated – Requires only the addition of suitable catalyst
  • Fast-Curing – Tack-free finish in less than one hour
  • High Gloss – Attractive smooth protective surface
  • UV-Stabilised – Improved weather resistance
  • Low Water Absorption – Excellent water resistance
  • Pre-Pigmented – High opacity white shade

Curing Characteristics

Polyester Topcoat/Poolcoat – White 5.15kg is pre-accelerated, needing only the addition of catalyst to start the curing reaction. It should be noted that the addition of monomers, fillers and/or pigments may affect the geltime, cure characteristics and tack-free time of this product. Polyester Topcoat/Poolcoat – White 5.15kg is thermosetting and therefore should not be processed at temperatures below 15°C. The Poolcoat should also not be applied if the air temperature is above 32°C and the pool surface temperature is greater than 45°C. It is essential to thoroughly mix the catalyst into the surface coat. The minimum recommended catalyst addition is one part per hundred surface coat. The ambient temperature and the amount of catalyst control the geltime of the gelcoat. In colder temperatures, Butanox M60 is recommended.


Polyester Topcoat/Poolcoat – White 5.15kg is formulated to be applied by brush application. The thixotrophy has been optimised so that it does not drain when applied to a vertical surface. Any alteration of the product could result in the poolcoat not performing satisfactorily. During and immediately after application of Polyester Topcoat/Poolcoat – White 5.15kg, the work area must be free of moisture and contamination. It is recommended that a swimming pool coated with Polyester Topcoat/Poolcoat – White 5.15kg should be allowed to stand empty for 5 to 6 days in hot weather and 7 to 10 days in cool weather. Polyester Topcoat/Poolcoat – White 5.15kg must not be considered as a paint, nor must it be applied independently without the prior use of suitable glass reinforcements. Effect of Temperature NCS Poolcoat should not be applied onto a surface whose temperature is above 45°C. This is equivalent to an air temperature of 32°C in direct sunlight. The surface will remain slighly tacky and will go white when the pool is filled with water.

Pigments & Fillers

The addition of fillers, solvents or thixotropic additives may downgrade the product and is not generally recommended. It is recommended that, where mouldings are produced as sub-components of larger structures, or are simply large structures, that sufficient resin and pigment paste are mixed to enable the entire job to be completed, thus ensuring an exact colour match. Similarly, if coloured gelcoat is used, it is recommended that the same batch of material is used throughout the application as well as for subcomponents. Thorough stirring of the mix shortly before use is recommended to ensure that the pigment is fully dispersed and that no separation has occurred, Care must be taken not to introduce air into the system. Users are reminded that the final colour of the cured gelcoat and laminate can be affected by the curing system or the colour of the gelcoat or which the pigment paste is added, particularly when heavily filled systems are used, and therefore the colour samples here are intended purely for guidance and exact matching to the final laminate colour cannot be guaranteed.

Storage And Handling

To ensure maximum stability and maintain optimum properties, surface coat should be stored in closed containers, maintained below 25°C and away from heat sources and sunlight. All storage should conform to local fire and building codes. Drum stock should be kept to a reasonable minimum with first-in, first-out stock rotation. Where bung-in-head containers are stored outside, it is recommended that these be stored in a horizontal position to avoid the ingress of water.

Weight 5.15 kg


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