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Now available at AMT Composites
The KRISTAL UV™ colour range is a 1-part UV curable resin available in clear and 12 different colours. It can be used for a number of small casting type applications including jewellery making, art, doming and rapid positioning of electrical components. It has good adhesion to ceramics, glass, metal, stone and some hard plastics. The cured resin has good optical transparency and is UV resistant.

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Flake-It Epoxy Flooring System

Now available at AMT Composites

The Flake-It Epoxy Flooring System is a tough & durable epoxy flooring system, comprising of a Two-component Water-based Epoxy Enamel, a Two-component Solvent-based Polyurethane Clear Topcoat, Clean and Prep Solution and Platinum White Flakes. It was designed and is perfect for DIY applications.

One kit will be sufficient to cover a single garage surface.

The Flake-It Flooring system consists of:

  • Two-component Water-Based Epoxy Goose Grey Enamel Basecoat
  • Two-component Solvent-based Polyurethane Clear Topcoat
  • Platinum White Flakes
  • Clean & Prep Solution

The Flake-It Flooring System is designed and perfect for DIY applications including:

  • Residential Garages
  • Balconies
  • Terraces
  • Patios
  • Kitchens
  • and similar exposure areas

Flake-It Flooring System advantages:

  • Bonds well to existing substrates
  • Fully customisable to your liking
  • Easy application
  • Easy to clean
  • Self-priming

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Alien Clay

Now available at AMT Composites

Alien Clay is a precision sculpting medium used for a variety of sculpting and fabrication applications. It is one of the most versatile clays available (sculpt, brush on, trowel on or pour) allowing for quick build-up and sculpting perfect detail. Use for sculpting finely detailed miniatures or life-size projects, movie special effects to create monsters, props, spaceships and other models, medical models, cosplay and more.

Available in Soft, Medium, and Hard.

Alien Clay features:

  • Consistent Quality
  • Low Tack Feel
  • Solvent Friendly
  • Holds Ultra-Fine Detail
  • Sulfur-Free and Silicone Friendly
  • Will Not Oxidize or Become Brittle
  • Sculpting Tool Friendly
  • Long Lasting – Can Be Melted & Remelted
  • Vegan
  • Certified Skin Safe

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