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KRISTAL™ 55 is a very hard, water clear, UV stabilised, 2-part epoxy resin casting system used to create:

  • River tables
  • Countertop coatings
  • Resin art
  • Encapsulation
  • Electrical potting
  • 3d floor art coating
  • And many other casting related applications.

KRISTAL 55 has a maximum casting thickness of 50mm per layer and a maximum volume cast of 50 litres.

KRISTAL 55 - Part A - 1kg


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KRISTAL 55 - Part B - 0.33kg


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KRISTAL™ 55 is a water clear, UV stabilised, 2-part epoxy resin casting system used to create:

  • River tables
  • Countertop coatings
  • Resin art
  • Encapsulation
  • Electrical potting
  • 3d floor art coating
  • And many other casting related applications.

This high-performance epoxy resin has excellent self-levelling properties and outstanding self-clearing properties leaving castings virtually bubble free.

Once cured, KRISTAL castings exhibit negligible shrinkage are scratch resistant (but not scratch proof) and are anti-yellowing UV stabilised. (Please note that even though these materials are UV stabilised to promote “anti-yellowing, ambering or yellowing will occur if continually exposed to harsh UV environments).

Not suitable for exterior applications.

Cured KRISTAL castings are FDA approved for culinary applications making them food-safe (please note that food should not exceed 50°Celcius). (Test method: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 report number GZ190826027FR)

Processing recommendations

  • Materials should be stored and used at an ambient room temperature of 23°C with relative humidity below 85%.
  • Warmer temperatures will reduce pot life and may also influence the casting thickness.
  • If ambient room temperature is warmer than 25°C, reduce maximum casting thickness by 50% or as appropriately required to avoid excessive exothermic reactions.
  • Due to the higher viscosity of Kristal 50, it is recommended to pre-warm resin and hardener to 28°C – 30°C prior casting to minimise air bubble entrapment, then leave to cure at 18°C – 23°C.
  • Kristal resin systems can also be vacuum de-aired to minimise air bubble entrapment.

Safety & handling

  • Epoxy resins and hardeners are chemicals and the below safety precautions should be practiced when using these materials.
  • Work in an environment with adequate ventilation and avoid breathing fumes (a NIOSH approved respirator is recommended)
  • Use protective Nitrile gloves to avoid skin contact
  • Barrier creams can also be used to minimise skin contact
  • If accidental skin contact occurs, use soap and water or hand cleaner to wash hands (never use solvents)


  • Measure out part A – resin and part B hardener as indicated using an accurate digital gram scale
  • Mix resin and hardener together thoroughly for 3 – 5 minutes using a flat paddle mixer, also scraping the sides and bottom of the container several times. Pour mixed material into a clean container and mix for another 60 seconds before casting. (this is a “mix pour mix” technique that ensures that part A & B on the sides and bottom of the container are properly blended so that there are no tacky spots or streaking in the cured casting)
  • Allow adequate time to fully cure before sanding, polishing, and using.
  • Wear appropriate safety gear and dust mask when sanding and polishing cured resin


  • Applying onto oily or contaminated surfaces
  • Applying onto damp or wet surfaces
  • Whipping and beating material while mixing, this will introduce additional unnecessary air bubbles

Applying a release agent

Ease Release 200, 205 or Ram Wax can be used to effectively release cured epoxy castings to prevent adhesion on non-porous
surfaces like metal, glass, melamine, or acrylic sheeting.

Adding colour

KRISTAL epoxy casting resin can be coloured by using Epoxy Pigments, So-Strong Pigments or UVO pigments and some amazing
effects can be achieved by using metallic & pearlescent powders or phosphorescent glow in the dark powders like Glow Worm.


  • Epoxy resin systems are exothermic, meaning that heat is generated when resin & hardener are mixed and begin to cross link.
  • Larger volumes will create more heat and if mixed and cast in larger volumes than indicted, can generate enough heat to melt plastic mixing cups, burn skin or even ignite combustible materials.
  • Please take care and reduce casting thickness when working in environments warmer than 25°C.
  • If a batch of material begins to get excessively hot from the exothermic reaction, move to an open-air environment and be careful not to breathe fumes.
  • Please note that even though these materials are UV stabilised to promote “anti-yellowing”, ambering or yellowing will occur if continually exposed to harsh UV environments.
  • This material is not suitable for exterior applications and areas subject to high UV exposure.


  • When pouring, it is recommended to pour to the lowest point and allow material to seek its level.
  • Pouring in a uniform manner will help to reduce air bubble entrapment. Do not exceed recommended casting thickness.
  • If pouring in stages, allow previous layer to cure and return to room temperature before pouring the next layer.
  • A propane torch can be used to dissipate surface air bubbles. (Move the torch / open flame over the surface of the resin, keep the torch moving so
    not to burn the surface.)

**Pot life and curing time

  • Epoxy casting resins are mass-sensitive, larger volumes of material will generate higher temperatures through the exothermic reaction which will reduce pot life &
    cure time.
  • Thinner castings will generate less heat and will take longer to cure.
  • Ambient room temperature will also play a significant role in the pot life & cure time.
  • Typical cure time at 23°deg C may take 24 to 72 hours.
  • Temperatures below 18°C may cause cure inhibition.

Removing epoxy

Uncured epoxy can be removed by scraping as much material as possible from the surface using a paint scraper, acetone or isopropyl alcohol can be used to remove
the residue that is left.

Weight 1.33 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 20 cm

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Kristal Epoxy Resin – How much do I need?

Kristal Resin Calculator

Kristal Resin Calculator

Name & Surname
Name & Surname
Start Over

Step 1
To calculate the volume of resin required, measure the length, width and depth, and convert to liters.

A table 2000mm (L) x 900mm (W) x 50mm (D) deep converted to centimeters is:
200cm (L) x 90cm (W) x 5cm (D) = 90000cm³

Divide the answer by 1000 to get liters.
90000/1000 = 90L

Step 2
Now you need to convert the litres in Step 1 to kilograms as Epoxy Resins must be accurately weighed on a scale, not measured out by volume.

To do this, you multiply the total litres by the Specific Gravity of the resin you are using.
For this build we are using Kristal with a Specific Gravity of 1.1

Multiply the 90L x 1.1 = 99kg
(Litres x Specific Gravity)

This is the Total Weight in Kilograms of Kristal Resin & Hardener you will require

Step 3
Now you need to work out what the separate Resin & Hardener portions are.

To do this you need the know the Mix Ratio of the Epoxy Resin System you are using.

Resin portion required
The Mix Ratio for Kristal is:

Divide the 99kg by 1.33
(Weight/Mix Ratio)
This equals 74.4kg and is the Resin portion required.
You will need 74.4kg of Resin.

Hardener portion required
To calculate the amount of Hardener required, multiply the 74.4kg by 33%.
(74.4 X 33% = 24.6kg)
You will need 24.6kg Hardener.

Check your calculations by adding the 74.4kg Resin + 24.6kg Hardener.
This should equal 99kg (The total weight of Resin & Hardener combined)

To summaries: We need a Total of 99kg, of which 74.4kg is Resin and 24.6kg is Hardener

The above calculations is obviously for a table without any wood.

Depending on the shape of the wood used in your river table, you will need to calculate the volume of the river between the two piece and/or any additional areas that should include Resin.

You can use the example below to help you calculate the amount of resin needed.

In the real world we are not building a slab of Epoxy Resin 2000mm (L) x 900mm (W) x 50mm (D) deep. Rather, we are using Epoxy Resin with Wood to create an Epoxy Resin River Table.

Thus, the amount of Epoxy Resin needed will be different. How do we go about calculating exactly what we will need?

For tables with wood and live edges it is sometimes difficult to calculate the exact amount of resin required because of the irregular shape of the wood.

The length and depth are easy, but the width varies, so you need to work out the average width.

To do this, see the example illustrated below:

Formula to calculate the required amount of Epoxy Resin needed
Length x Average Width x Depth

Average width is the sum of the measurement divided by number of stations – 8 stations in the diagram below.

Station 1 – 10.5cm
Station 2 – 13.6cm
Station 3 – 11.4cm
Station 4 – 19.4cm
Station 5 – 20.2cm
Station 6 – 14.6cm
Station 7 – 11.8cm
Station 8 – 8.3cm

Total Stations 1+2+3+4=5+6+7+8 = 109.8cm

Divide this Total by the 8 stations.
109.8/8 = 16.3cm

This is your average width, and the width you will use in the calculation steps above (Steps 1, 2 & 3) to calculate the amount of resin required for your project.

Step 1
Calculate Volume

200cm (L) x 16.3cm (W or Average Width) x 5cm (D) = 16300cm³
Divide the answer by 1000 to get liters.
16300/1000 = 16.3L

Step 2
Convert to Kilogram

16.3L x 1.1 (Specific Gravity of Kristal) = 17.9kg
17.9kg is the Total Weight of Resin & Hardener required.

Step 3
Calculate Mix Ratio of Resin

Calculate Resin portion required
17.9kg/1.33 (Weight/Mix Ration of Kristal 30 100:33)
13.5kg of Resin required
Calculate Hardener portion required
13.5kg x 33% = 4.4kg
4.4g of Hardener required

Check Calculations
Resin required + Hardener required should equal Total Weight required.
13.5kg (Resin) + 4.4kg (Hardener) = 17.9kg