Tensorgrip – M50 – Fast Dry Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Exceptional high tack, single-sided bonding for carpet, foams, fabrics and others in the marine industry

Introducing Tensorgrip M50: Exceptional high tack web spray adhesive for boat/yacht interiors

TensorGrip® M50 is a fast dry, non-chlorinated adhesive designed for all types of upholstery, seating and wall coverings for boat/yacht interior applications in the Marine industry. M50 has been developed with an exceptional high tack and long open time making it suitable for bonding a variety of materials including carpet, foams and fabrics and many others. M50’s aggressive high tack allows for single-sided bonding in low demand upholstery seating areas for seat backs and bases.

Key Features of Tensorgrip M50

Extremely High Tack

Tensorgrip M50 is designed to create a strong immediate bond between a substrate that continues to strengthen into a strong permanent bond. Very useful for applications involving a substrate that has an unusual surface (for example, fabrics) that standard permanent adhesives struggle to adhere to properly.

Easy Application Control

Tensorgrip M50 allows users complete control over the adhesive dispersal, resulting in an even spray pattern without the fuss and inconsistency that comes with using hand-applied adhesives.

Versatile Applications

Tensorgrip M50 is suitable for bonding a wide range of materials, including Carpet Tile, Fabric, Foam, Plywood and Synthetic Leather.

Very Fast Drying

Tensorgrip M50 dries within 2 – 4 minutes depending on temperature and humidity. 

Long Open Time Between Bonds

Tensorgrip M50 features a very long Open Time of 1 hour. 

Non Chlorinated & Moisture Resistant

M50 is a non chlorinated adhesive.

Developed for Various Substrates

Tensorgrip M50 is specifically developed to bond with various substrates, including:

  • Carpet Tile
  • Fabric
  • Foam
  • Plywood
  • Synthetic Leather

Comparison with Traditional Bonding Methods

Mess-free Application

Unlike traditional methods of bonding, Tensorgrip M50’s spray adhesive system eliminates the need for messy, wasteful, and time-consuming applications.

Faster Tacking Time

Tensorgrip M50’s revolutionary adhesive formula has been proven to significantly reduce the time spent waiting for glue to tack. While traditional adhesives require longer times, Tensorgrip M50 can tack off in as little as one 2 – 4 minutes.

Superior Bonding Results to Porous Surfaces

With its high-performance formula, Tensorgrip M50 provides superior bonding to porous surfaces like those used in marine seating and interior boat walls.

Industrial strength aggressive fast-drying pressure sensitive adhesive designed to remain permanently tacky for superior bonding

TensorGrip® Canister Systems and Aerosol Tins

The Tensorgrip M50 adhesive is available in both canister systems and 500ml aerosol tins, providing users with the flexibility to choose the most suitable option for their specific needs.

Canister Systems

Tensorgrip M50 canister systems offer a convenient and efficient solution for large-scale projects in the marine market. These systems provide an even and controlled adhesive dispersal, ensuring optimal bonding results.

Aerosol Tins

For smaller projects or those requiring greater precision, Tensorgrip M50 is also available in 500ml aerosol tins. These tins allow for easy application and control, making them an ideal choice for professionals working on intricate projects.

Available in 22L Canisters & 500ml Aerosols from AMT Composites

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Tensorgrip M50's aggressive high tack allows for single-sided bonding in low demand upholstery seating areas for seat backs and bases

Tensorgrip M50 Technical Data

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