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 Vacuum Bag Sealant Tapes are used to form a vacuum tight seal typically between the vacuum bagging film and mould tool for edge bagging and the bag film to bag film for envelope bagging. They are supplied in the form of an extruded rubber sealant strip which has the capability of forming a strong bond to a wide range of film types and tool surfaces. Sealant tape is also known as tacky tape. Vacuum bag sealant tapes are specifically designed to provide aggressive initial tack, maintain an air-tight seal during the cure cycle and yet strip clean from the tool, with virtually no trace of residue. 

Improved tack, performs best at 20 °C, if tape experiences temepratures that are cold this will result in the tape offering less tack. It has a recommended use in the vacuum infusion,...

Max Use Temp:

Specifically designed for high temperature oven and autoclave processing. Compatible with most vacuum films and tool surfaces but pre-production trials are advisable.

Max Use Temp:

 Sealant Tape is used to create a vacuum integral seal between the vacuum bagging film and the tool surface ("bag-to-tool"), or to seal the vacuum bagging film to itself ( to form an "...

Max Use Temp:
150ºC bag to tool / 180ºC bag to bag

Cream tape with high tack and elongation,which also strips easily from the part. UCS180 is ideal for composite/metal bonding applications in an oven or autoclave up to 180°C (bag to tool...

Max Use Temp: