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Release Films are typically placed directly in contact with the laminate. They separate the laminate from breather/bleeder fabrics, which have no release characteristics, while the thin plastic release film has been treated so it won't bond to the laminate. There are many types of release films available and selection will depend on such things as the cure temperature, pressure, complexity of component and resin system involved. Release films can be perforated or non perforated depending on whether or not resin bleed is necessary. Perforations enable trapped air, volatiles or excess resin, which may compromise the physical properties of the laminate, to be removed. Various perforation patterns are available with P3 being a standard medium bleed perforation and P31 a high bleed infusion perforation. 

Compatible with an extensive range of resin systems including epoxy, polyester, vinylester etc. The release film is sky blue in colour appearance with P31 (approximately 6 holes per cm²...

Max Use Temp:
125 ° C

It is suitable for use with epoxy prepreg up to 150°C. The film is yellow in colour with P31 (approximately 6 holes per cm²) for vacuum infusion and standard P3 perforation pattern for...

Max Use Temp:

Designed for high temperature curing of advanced composite materials and is compatitable with wide variety of resin systems in the oven and autoclave. its high strength has excellent...

Max Use Temp:

 This economic, opaque orange film is ideal for use in wet layup and in resin infusion processing, where it allows the resin front to be clearly viewed during infusion and aids complete...

Max Use Temp:

 This economic red release film exhibits excellent release characteristics from all commonly used resin systems. A2000 is mainly used during the processing of flat or simple curvature...

Max Use Temp:

A release film is used primarily to ensure that the breather fabric does not bond to the curing resin. The release film can also be used to control the amount of the resin that is...

Max Use Temp:

 A5000 is a high temperature fluoropolymer film (FEP), which has been an aerospace industry standard product for many years. A5000 exhibits excellent elongation and release properties,...

Max Use Temp:

 This premium translucent blue, high temperature release film is manufactured from a tough fluoropolymer with excellent release characteristics combined with high elongation. A6000 is...

Max Use Temp: