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Flow media is a unique concept to vacuum infusion and media such as infusion mesh aid resin flow and distribute the resin across the surface of the laminate. The flow mesh is typically laid as a single layer between or on top of the layers of reinforcement and it comes  in  several  styles,  from  fast  infusion  times,  to  maximum conformability and even as a combined flow media and core material. Flow mesh can be a knitted or cast flexible plastic that facilities resin-flow, ensuring that resin reaches all parts of the part efficiently and with little waste. Infusion mesh can also be used selectively to increase resin flow to certain areas of the mould and increase the speed with which the project infuses. Infusion mesh can be used in multiple layers where even greater resin flow is required. Like most other elements of the vacuum bagging or resin infusion 'stack' infusion mesh cannot be reused once resin has flown through it and therefore should be considered a disposable consumable of the process. Resin flow meshes should end at least 75% from the end of horizontal applications and with very low vertical applications just before the vertical plane starts.  Large vertical  applications  should  have  the  mesh  up  to  about  90%  from  the  top of the component. The flow mesh should also be stopped a few centimeters before vacuum membrane systems like VMS2. The exact distance should always be determined through proper testing.

VI1 is a flexible, 150g/m²knitted infusion mesh designed for use in vacuum assisted resin infusion processes. The mesh is constructed from HDPE and manufactured in a 3D knitted pattern...

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 Infuply2 combines 150g/m² blue Vi1 mesh bonded to orange A2200 release film .This combination material of a perforated release film combined with knitted infusion mesh saves as much as...

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