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 Vacuum Hoses provide a flexible, vacuum integral means of linking the Vacuum Connector within the vacuum bag to the fixed vacuum source - the vacuum pump directly, or the oven or autoclave vacuum ports. Vacuum hoses are made to order and can be 1 to 5 meters in length and supplied with or without end fittings such as sockets and plugs. VachoseThis blue, high tear strength, durable silicone rubber hoses can be used up to 200ºC and 170psi in both oven and autoclave conditions. The hose is reinforced internally with a spring to eliminate potential collapse at high pressures. Specifically designed brass ends are bonded in place to allow attachment of non return couplings. ¼” BSP male threaded ends are standard. All hoses can be constructed with 90º elbow fittings, on one or both ends as required. 

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Other hoses avaialbe from Aerovac include Kevlar and stainless steel hoses.  KEVLARHOSEThis high temperature PTFE hose, with braided Kevlar protective outer sleeve, allows contact with the vacuum bag without the risk of puncture. A convoluted outer faced PTFE hose, provides high flexibility and resistance to kinking. The full ¼” bore internal spring allows fast evacuation and prevents collapse of the PTFE. The PTFE and Kevlar construction provides a maximum operating temperature of 260°C. 93SThis premium stainless steel, braided, PTFE lined autoclave hose is fitted with an internal spring to prevent collapse of the PTFE liner. The external end protection springs prevent excessive bending of the hose and it is supplied with a silicone outer sheath, which protects the stainless steel braiding from damage and allows the hose to be placed directly on the vacuum bag, without fear of puncture from exposed braiding. The maximum operating temperature is 200°C + at a working pressure of 2500psi. 93S hoses are made to the exact length required.  Termination threads ¼” BSP (male) are standard.  Also available are 90º elbow fittings and other adaptors to suit alternative thread sizes.  90º elbows and non return couplings are fitted on request.

Max Use Temp

200°C +

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