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Plugs and Sockets, also known as Quick Disconnects, are self-closing (spring-loaded), non-return valves. When the vacuum Plug and Socket are connected together, the spring-valves are opened to allow flow to the vacuum pump. When disconnected, the spring-valves self close to provide a vacuum seal. Vacuum Plugs (Male) are most commonly fitted to the Vacuum Connectors or to Manifolds, and to oven or autoclave vacuum ports. Vacuum Sockets (Female) are most commonly fitted to the Vacuum Hoses.The ¼" BSP brass vacuum plug with double 'O' rings viton seals is available in brass, galvanised steel and stainless steel. Spring operated valves are incorporated to effect a positive shut off when disconnected from the vacuum hose/system ensuring no leakage occurs.  When connected the valve opens automatically to allow airflow. The maximum service temperature is limited by the Viton seals, 180ºC continuous and 250ºC intermittent. The plugs should be stored away from abrasive dust to avoid damage to the viton O-rings (which may potentially cause a leak path).

Max Use Temp

180°C (continuous), 250°C (intermittent)

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