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Resin infusion requires a number of extra materials in comparison to vacuum bagging. These include resin feed lines from the resin pot or degassing chamber, to the component. On the component, resin is normally fed into mesh wrapped spiral tubing that allows for fast flow along the tube and even distribution of resin from the feed line onto the surface of the laminate. On the vacuum side of the infusion, transparent vacuum lines connect spiral wrap or VMS2 media to the resin trap. It is usual for resin to flow completely through portions of the laminate whilst still filling in dry spots in other parts.  Due to this the resin frequently enters the vacuum line, while continuing to infuse and this will be stopped in the resin trap before entering the vacuum pump. 

 Spiral Bind is a polyethylene wrap used in resin infusion applications to distribute resin onto the laminate surface. It strips from the laminate surface when used with a suitable peel...

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