Silicone Rubber

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Silicone casting rubbers are used for a variety of moulding and tooling applications ranging from the development of prototype parts to production moulds. They offer excellent release characteristics and are ideal for casting epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resin systems. An advantage of using silicones over urethanes in mould making is that they are self-releasing. Usually, no mould release is required to separate the silicone mould from the model.  There are two families of silicone, tin cure and platinum cure.Tin-based silicones, also called condensation-cure silicones, are economical two-component materials which cure at room temperature (RTV) to flexible, high tear-strength rubbers. Platinum cure silicones, also called addition cure silicones, are two-component high tear strength, flexible mold compounds. Platinum cure silicones can also be used to cast prosthetics for special effects makeup and medical purposes.Life casting materials are safe to use on human and animal skin. Life-casting involves duplicating another living being, while capturing the finest detail.