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AMT Composites stocks a small colour range of epoxy and polyester pigments. These are often used to colour resins to ensure full coverage when applying over a large surface, or to indicate which layer is being sanded into. Typically the maximum pigment loading is 5% by weight. When using epoxy pigments in a resin base, the pigment should be added to the resin, then the required hardener be added based on the resin plus pigment mass. 

SO-Strong® liquid urethane colorants can be added to any Smooth-On liquid urethane rubber, urethane plastic or urethane foam (do not use with Smooth-On silicones). They can be used to...

Max Use Temp:

Concentrated, phthalate-free urethane color pigments that resist ultra-violet light. By adding a small amount of UVO® to a Smooth‑On epoxy, urethane rubber, plastic or foam product,...

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