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The release agents in this section are typically used for releasing advanced composites parts from metal or composite tools. These release agents are not permanenet and have to be applied to the mold every time it is used. Release agents may be a liquid release coating, a wax, or even a solid barrier such as PVA or teflon (PTFE) tape. The release agent prevents the resin system from bonding to the tool, thereby allowing the product to be demoulded. AMT offer a broad range of release agents that covers just about every release application in the composites industry. 

 The Mirror Glaze line has been the backbone of the Meguiar's Mold Release products for over 50 years. The first Mold Release wax was actually invented by Malcolm Meguiar in 1950, and...

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 Mirror Glaze 87 High Temp Mold Release Wax provides consistent performance when above-normal molding temperatures are used. This unique blend of exceptionally hard waxes & thermoset...

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  PTFE coated glass fabric tool release sheet is used for lining moulds to give a durable, non contaminating surface that will release from all commercial resin systems.  The PTFE coated...

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 PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol) mould release agent can be applied by hand or sprayed on to a wide range of tooling surfaces to provide a reliable release barrier for polyester, vinyl ester...

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Paste wax is an economical mould release formulated with hydrocarbon and microcrystalline waxes. Paste wax, or run in wax is designed as a general purpose mould release agent on...

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