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Get onboard with Tensor and pick up marine glue designed for a raft of applications. Benefit from unmatched quality to simplify infusion moulding and flooring installation, while walls, ceilings and insulation jobs are a breeze. 

  • BOAT HULL - TensorGrip infusion moulding adhesives are designed to unite with the matrix of a fibreglass boat hull, furnishing you with the control to create an end product that’s second to none.
  • INSULATION AND WALLS - Contact and pressure sensitive adhesives to make unbeatable insulation, wall covering and panel bonds. Slash the hassles of gluing with these easy to apply and rapid drying adhesives.
  • SEATING - We understand fabrics and foam can be tricky to bond on seafaring vessels, but Tensor products are always up to the task. From canvas and leather to fabric and a range of other materials, you can count on us to provide an adhesive solution for easy seat assembly.
  • CEILING AND HEADLINERS - Vinyls, fabrics, leather, aluminium sheeting.  The list goes on.  You're bonding it overhead and we want you to be successful and quick.  Find the right adhesive by choosing what you're bonding.
  • CABINETS - It’s safe to say we know a thing or two about wood, laminate and veneers, so surpass the competition and make any vessel gleam thanks to the industry’s finest adhesives.

TensorGrip® M35 is a highly engineered adhesive based on industry proven urethane technology. The resilience of this technology provides ultra-high temperature...

Max Use Temp:

TensorGrip® M81 will provide you with a high-performance contact adhesive which creates a resilient bond line between decorative laminate materials and wood substrates...

Max Use Temp: