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SPRINT is a unique patented material and processing technology that allows high quality composite components, with high mechanical properties and very low void content, to be produced rapidly and economically. SPRINT materials are laid up in a mould and vacuum bagged as for conventional prepreg. However, when the vacuum is applied, the air transport properties of the dry reinforcement enable air trapped in the fibre bundles and between layers to be easily removed. When the temperature is then raised for the cure, the resin film softens and flows into the air-free reinforcement. The void content of the resultant laminate is extremely low (typically 0-0.5%). Structural SPRINT is divided into two systems – ST70 and ST95, both of which are available in glass or carbon versions, in a range of reinforcements.

Gurit has a range of surfacing materials specific to a number of applications, for use with the prepreg and SPRINT range.  They are easy to lay up and provide a pinhole free finish with...

Max Use Temp:

ST70 is manufactured into a SPRINT structure with E-glass and Carbon fibres, which are manufactured into biax or woven materials. ST70 is a hot melt, Diuron free epoxy SPRINT ideally...

Max Use Temp:
Tg1 - DMA 85°C

ST 94 Single SPRINT is a moulding material that consists of a layer of dry reinforcement plied to a precast, precatalysed resin film. ST 94 is a toughened hot-melt, epoxy resin that...

Max Use Temp:
Tg1 - 117°C with maximum post cure

The patent-approved ST 95 Structural SPRINT is a moulding material that consists of two layers of reinforcement either side of a precast, precatalysed resin film. The material therefore...

Max Use Temp:
Tg1 - DMTA 123°C