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AMT Composites can supply a wide range of Gurit prepreg reinforcements to the advanced composites industry. Pre-impregnated materials (prepregs) are reinforcement fibres or fabrics into which a pre-catalysed resin system has been impregnated by a machine. To prolong storage life the materials are stored frozen at - 18°C. Prepreg technology allows the use of very tough and strong resin systems that would be too high in viscosity to be impregnated by hand. As the resin is a near-solid at ambient temperatures the prepregs have a light sticky feel to them. The resin systems in these materials react only very slowly at room temperature, giving rise to working times of many days to several months. The prepreg resins can only be fully cured by heating them to the prescribed cure temperature, ranging from 90°C for low temperature systems, to as high as 250°C for the exotic aerospace prepregs. For the full range of Gurit prepreg technology available click here.AMT Composites stocks SE84 prepreg in our Gauteng warehouse. Stock products include the 200GSM twill carbon and the 200GSM unidirectional carbon.