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Epoxies generally out-perform most other resin types in terms of mechanical properties and resistance to environmental degradation, which leads to their almost exclusive use in aircraft components. As a laminating resin their increased adhesive properties and resistance to water degradation make these resins ideal for use in applications such as boat building. Epoxies differ from polyester resins in that they are cured by a 'hardener' rather than a catalyst. Since the hardener molecules 'co-react' with the epoxy molecules in a fixed ratio, it is essential that the correct mix ratio is obtained between resin and hardener to ensure that a complete reaction takes place. If they are not mixed in the correct ratios, unreacted resin or hardener will remain within the matrix which will negatively affect the final properties after cure.

An epoxy laminating resin system used in production of gliders, motor gliders and motor planes, boat and shipbuilding, sports equipment, model airplanes, moulds and tools.Features...

Max Use Temp:

LR 30 is AMT Composites low cost, high performance epoxy laminating system. The LR 30 resin system with the range of four hardeners offers a complete solution for manufacturing of...

Max Use Temp:
Varies dependent on hardener chosen.
LR 30 + Hardener

Ampreg 21 has been optimised for the manufacture of large composite structures using hand layup, and vacuum bagging techniques. The relatively low initial mixed viscosity of Ampreg 21...

Max Use Temp:
Tg1 - DMA 76°C with post cure

SP 115 is a low viscosity, ultra-clear epoxy laminating system. It has been designed for the manufacture of laminates such as those used in sail and surfboards which are to remain...

Max Use Temp:
Tg1 - DMTA 74.2°C with post cure

SP 106 is a simple to use, all-purpose epoxy which can be used for gluing, coating, laminating and filling. With its range of hardeners, and easy 5:1 mix ratio by volume, SP 106 provides...

Max Use Temp:
Tg1 - DMTA 51.6°C with post cure

 EPOLAM – M / 956 is a  low cost,multi-purpose epoxy laminating resin used primarily for the manufacture of moulds and composite components. 

Max Use Temp:

Production of composite structures by wet lay-up methods. Vacuum and low pressure injection and by filament winding. Good behaviour for wood impregnation.

Max Use Temp:
Random Chair is a super-light chair made of carbon fibre and Axson Technologies epoxy resin EPOLAM 2015

The system is designed for the production of composite structures by usual wet lay-up methods, vacuum and low pressure injection as well as filament winding.

Max Use Temp:
80-100 °C
EPOLAM 2020 system has the mechanical properties, excellent fibre wetting and long pot life needed to produce 3- to 30-metre spars for racing boats.

Axson's Epolam 2022 system is designed for the production of composite structures by impregnation, vacuum injection and low-pressure injection methods as well as by filament winding...

Max Use Temp:

Production of composite structures and moulds requiring high temperature resistance (up to 190 deg C)

Max Use Temp: