Ampreg F230-1 Foaming Epoxy System

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Ampreg F230-1 is a foaming epoxy system originally designed for the manufacture of marine foils. It is a high strength and toughness expanding foam and has an expansion rate of up to 4 times the initial mixed volume. Ampreg F230-1 has been formulated to use the Ampreg 21 range of hardeners. The compatibility of the Ampreg F230-1 and Ampreg 21 ensures a high strength bond is achieved between the foil skins and the expanded epoxy foam. The Ampreg F230-1 is available with a range of hardeners that allows the speed of the system to be tailored to the size of the cavity, which reduces exotherm and shrinkage, leading to higher quality parts. Ampreg F230-1 is a three component system of Resin, Hardener and Foaming Agent. The Resin and Hardener are mixed at a ratio of 100:23 parts by weight and then the required amount of Foaming Agent is mixed into the resin/hardener mix to initiate the foaming process. For control of the cured foam density, the addition of the foaming agent needs to be accurately controlled. The recommended cured density of 230kg/m³ is obtained by the addition of 1.3 parts Foaming Agent for every 100g of Resin.

Max Use Temp

Tg1 – DMA 66°C with post cure

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