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High temperature epoxy resins are suitable for making vacuum forming molds, foundry patterns, forming dies and fixtures, hard rollers, industrial parts and high impact tools. They are also suitable for encapsulation applications or for use as a high temperature epoxy adhesive for bonding a variety of surfaces.

Production vacuum forming moulds and tools for injecting polyurethane foams.

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Production of casting molds and stamping tools for sheet metal forming foundry patterns, copy patterns, core boxes.

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 EpoxAcast 670 HT is an epoxy casting compound which offers high heat resistance up to 177° C if post cured according to schedule. EpoxAcast 670 HT features a relatively low viscosity...

Max Use Temp:

 EpoxAcast® 690 is a clear casting epoxy that is ideal for making clear jewelry/beads or replacement lenses for kit cars and other applications requiring a rigid, clear finished product...

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