300 & 450 GSM CSM

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 Chopped strand mat (or CSM) is widely used in mould making and the production of low cost GRP mouldings such as panels and small boat hulls. Short strands of glass are randomly scattered and bound to create a mat which can then be wetted out with resin. CSM offers comparatively poor performance compared with higher performing and more expensive reinforcements (woven glass fabric, carbon fibre, aramid) but it is useful for increasing the thickness and therefore stiffness of parts in a cost effective manner. AMT Composites stocks 300 and 450 GSM emulsion bound chopped strand mat that is suitable for use with polyester and vinyl resin which will quickly break down the emulsion binder so that the mat can easily be laminated by brush or roller to follow the contours of the mould. The mat is 1.3 meters wide and is sold by the kilogram.

How To


  • 300GSM approximately 1KG = 3.33 Square Meters
  • 450GSM approximately 1KG = 2.22 Square Meters

Max Use Temp

Determined by resin system

Stock Code

P068, P115