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Vacuum chamber for degassing liquid plastics and rubbers. Vacuum systems are used for removing air from high viscosity materials, like Silicone rubbers before pouring. They are also ideal for vacuum degassing liquid Plastics (such as Crystal Clear plastics) for making bubble free castings. This easy to use Vacuum System features a stainless steel chamber with clear shatter proof acrylic lid, rubber seals to create a perfect vacuum. Locally made in South Africa by Vacuum SA, with a full backup for spares and service.

10lt Resin Trap for connecting between the Vacuum pump and Vacuum bag to catch and resin that may be sucked out of the bag, before it get to the pump.

Max Use Temp:

Pressure controlled automatic resin Infusion system. S5 Vacuum pump, with a 12 liter chamber fitted with a clear acrylic lid, pump isolation valve, non return valve, air inlet valve...

Max Use Temp:
RIF12 Auto Resin Infusion System

10 m3 per hour pumping speed

Max Use Temp:

5 m3 per Hour pumping speed.

Max Use Temp:

12 liter chamber mounted on base 250mm diameter x 250mm deep fitted with a S5 Speedevac vacuum pump, clear acrylic lid, vacuum gauge, pump isolator valve & air inlet valve. -...

Max Use Temp:
VDC12 Vacuum Degassing Chamber

3 liter chamber mounted on base, 155mm diameter x 155mm deep. fitted with a S5 Speedivac vacuum pump, clear Acrylic lid with vacuum gauge. pump isolator valve & air inlet valve. - ...

Max Use Temp:
VDC3 Vacuum Degassing Chamber