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3D Printing is a revolutionary industry that has grown dramatically in recent years. The technology is pushing boundaries in all industries worldwide. 3D printing is constantly evolving and is destined to reach greater frontiers.

Due to the growing demand from our customers requiring original parts, AMT now offers a 3D printing service. 3D Printing is a service that complements our wide range of mould making and casting materials.

3D Printing will be the primary step towards creating a final part for reproduction. 3D Printing will enable our clients to turn a concept into a visual object. This can then be used as a final part or as a master for mould making and casting.

Printing multiple parts of the same item can be time consuming and expensive. To cut down on production time castings can be made from the original 3D prints.

AMT’s products will enable our customers to make their own moulds and castings. With a wide range of casting materials, a material can be chosen to suite each customers’ individual need.

Not only can we do the 3D printing, but we can also assist with 3D designs.

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