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Smooth-Cast® ONYX™ SLOW – 920g


Smooth-Cast® ONYX™ SLOW – 920g


Smooth-Cast® ONYX™ is a mercury-free urethane resin that cures at room temperature to a deep black, solid plastic. ONYX™ resins offer the convenience of a 1A:1B by volume mix ratio and have very low viscosities, so they are easy to mix and pour. ONYX™ resins have an ultimate Shore hardness of 80D and offer higher physical properties and higher heat resistance vs. other general purpose resins. ONYX™ resins are available in 2 speeds. ONYX™ SLOW resin has a pot life of 5 minutes and a cure time of 90 minutes.

Smooth-Cast® ONYX™ SLOW - (Part A) 500g


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Smooth-Cast® ONYX™ SLOW - (Part B) 420g


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  • Ultra-black and darker than competitive black resins.
  • Can be polished and buffed to a high gloss shine.
  • Higher heat resistance vs. competitive black resins.
  • Does not contain mercury.
  • Less expensive vs. other black resins.

Smooth-Cast® ONYX™ SLOW Product Information | Smooth-On, Inc.

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