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Carbon fabric 150g/m² (multiaxial) 127cm

R379.50 incl.

Carbon fabric 150g/m² (multiaxial) 127cm

R379.50 incl.

PrimeTex fabrics are more uniform as the filaments in each tow are spread out creating a thinner and more closely woven fabric that provides better mechanical’s and less porosity in a composite. It can also be used to lower the mass in a composite where lighter weight is the key characteristic.

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PrimeTex is a range of carbon fabrics which have been processed for a smooth, closed weave and uniform cosmetic appearance. The fiber tows are spread in both the warp and weft direction for unique aesthetic appeal.

PrimeTex can be made with larger tow fibers without any weight increase. The 100GSM fabric is available with and without one face epoxy powder coated.

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