Ampro™ Fast Low Temperature Curing Multipurpose System – 1.29kg


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Ampro™ Fast Low Temperature Curing Multipurpose System – 1.29kg is an award winning, latest generation multi-purpose epoxy system from Gurit. It is a simple to use, all-purpose epoxy.


  • For bonding, laminating & filling wood & GRP
  • SP 106 re-engineered, with improved health & safety
  • 3 : 1 mix ratio by volume
  • Available with Fast, Slow and Extra-slow blendable hardeners
  • No surface residue after cure
  • “Can cure out at temperatures as low as +5 Deg C.

Ampro™ Resin Part A - 1kg


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Ampro™ Fast Hardener Part B - 0.29kg


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AMPRO™ is a simple to use, all-purpose epoxy which can be used for gluing, coating, laminating and filling. With its fast, low temperature curing hardener and easy 3:1 mix ratio by volume, AMPRO™ provides a quick and convenient way of using one epoxy system for a very wide range of tasks.

AMPRO™ has been built on the well-established SP 106 which has been the primary epoxy system for the manufacture and repair of wooden boats for over 20 years.

By using the Gurit range of filler powders, an AMPRO™ Resin & AMPRO™ Fast Hardener mix can be turned into a very effective adhesive or filling compound.

Transport & Storage

The resin and hardeners should be kept in securely closed containers during transport and storage. Any accidental spillage should be soaked up with sand, sawdust, cotton waste or any other absorbent material. The area should then be washed clean (see appropriate Safety Data Sheet). Adequate long term storage conditions will result in a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture for both the resin and hardeners. Storage should be in a warm dry place out of direct sunlight and protected from frost. The storage temperature should be kept constant between 10°C and 25°C, cyclic fluctuations in temperature can cause crystallization. Containers should be firmly closed. Hardeners, in particular, will suffer serious degradation if left exposed to air. Hardeners may darken over time, however the physical properties are not affected. Be aware of a possible mixed system color change if very old and new hardeners are used on the same project.

Instructions for use

The product is optimised for use at temperatures between 15 and 25°C. At lower temperatures the product thickens and may become unworkable, however is designed to cure if required at temperatures as low as +5°C. At higher temperatures working times will be significantly reduced. Maximum relative humidity for use is 70%.

Mixing & Handling

Accurate measurement and thorough mixing are essential when using this system, and any deviation from the prescribed mix ratios will seriously degrade the physical properties of the cured system. The resin and hardener must be stirred well for two minutes or more, with particular attention being paid to the sides and bottom of the container. As soon as the material is mixed the reaction begins. This reaction produces heat (exothermic), which will in turn accelerate the reaction. If this mixed material is left in a confined mixing vessel the heat cannot disperse and the reaction will become uncontrollable. It is therefore advised that the material is used immediately or transferred to a shallow wide-bottomed container like a paint tray which will extend the working time.


If exposed to sunlight the product should be painted or coated with a varnish which includes UV filter or blockers.
Prior to this, two coats of AMPRO™ will achieve a stable substrate. AMPRO™ has a number of benefits, including:
• Subsequent coats of AMPRO™ can be applied after just 5 hours at 20°C without sanding
• AMPRO™ is solvent-free and will be fully hardened overnight ready for over-coating or top-coating

The surface to be coated should be dry and clean, before sanding with 180 – 220 grit sandpaper to generate a key, the surface should then be wiped with solvent to remove the dust before the application of the AMPRO™.

For best results, an initial thin coat of AMPRO™ should be applied to the substrate, using a rubber squeegee or brush to remove any excess. If the first coat of AMPRO™ is too thick, this can cause ‘fisheyes’ to form in the surface. Once the first coat has cured, subsequent coats of AMPRO™ can be applied. Due to the 4 day overcoating window of AMPRO™ (@ 20 degree C 50% RH), the surface does not require sanding between coats to ensure adhesion. If left for more than 4 days, the surface should be sanded with 120 grit sandpaper followed by a solvent wipe down to remove the dust before applying additional coats.

Note: In order to achieve the optimum surface finish, multiple thin layers of AMPRO™ should be applied.

AMPRO™ should be sanded before the application of the final paint system or varnish, please refer to the paint or varnish manufacturer’s recommendations regarding sandpaper and solvent type to be used for this operation.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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