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Vacuum bagging and resin infusion are two processing methods that provide excellent fibre fractions, excellent laminate consolidation and improved strength-to-weight ratios when compared to hand lamination. This can be achieved with low capital expenses and is less labour intensive than hand laminated parts. The processes are principally suited for moulding low cost components that are too large and/or complex to be pressurized by means such as an autoclave or matched mould. The techniques utilize a flexible sealed bag under which a vacuum is drawn, hence applying an even pressure of up to 1 atmosphere to the laminate in the mould. The assembly can then be heated in an oven, as in the case when using prepregs, to promote flow and cure of the resin. The process requires low cost equipment and tooling and is capable of producing composite components of good quality. Successful vacuum bagging and infusion requires a high quality vacuum source and non crush plumbing into the vacuum bag.

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