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AMT Composites stocks an enormous range of carbon, glass and aramid reinforcements. The fabrics are available as woven, non woven (stitched fabrics) and unidirectional materials of varying areal weights (mass per unit area of a single ply of dry reinforcement fabric). The areal weight will fairly accurately indicate the thickness of a ply.

  • Aramid Fabrics

    Aramid Fabrics (4)

    Aramid fibers are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers. They are used in aerospace and military applications, for ballistic rated body armor fabric and ballistic composites, in bicycle tires, and as an asbestos substitute. The name is derived from "aromatic polyamide". In the 1960s–1970s, DuPont and Akzo Nobel developed a para-aramid fiber with much higher tenacity and elastic…
  • Carbon Fabrics

    Carbon Fabrics (7)

    AMT Composites stock a wide range of high quality carbon fibre fabrics. Fabrics are available in a number of different weave patterns (such as plain weave, twill weave, satin weave etc.), weights (such as 200 grams per square meter (GSM), 300GSM etc.) and finishes, such as loom state or epoxy powder coated. Carbon fiber is a material consisting of fibers…
  • Carbon Tapes & Braids

    Carbon Tapes & Braids (2)

    Carbon fiber tow braided to form a sleeve is typically used in the manufacture of tubular structures, such as model aircraft fuselage or prosthetics. All carbon fibre braided sleeve can be expanded or contracted to accommodate a range of diameters. The braid can typically be expanded by up to 30% and contracted by up to 70% of the stated diameter,…
  • Chopped Strand Mat

    Chopped Strand Mat (1)

    Chopped strand mat, also known as CSM, is made up of 25-50MM long fiberglass strands that are randomly oriented and typically held together with a styrene-soluble binder that acts like glue connecting the fibers. The binder is designed to dissolve upon contact with styrene in polyester resin or vinylester resin. Once dissolved, the fabric softens, allowing it to drape around…
  • Glass Fabrics

    Glass Fabrics (11)

    E-Glass or electrical grade glass was originally developed as an insulator for electrical wiring. It was later found to have excellent forming capabilities and is now used almost exclusively as the reinforcing phase in the material commonly known as fibreglass (also spelt fiberglass). Woven glass fabric is a lightweight, strong, and robust material. Although strength properties are somewhat lower than…
  • Glass Tapes & Braids

    Glass Tapes & Braids (3)

    Different weights and widths of E-Glass tape and braid are available upon request.The braid size is indicated by the flat width in mm. The approximate flat width required to create a tube of known diamter (with braid fibres at +-45 degrees) can be calculated as follows: Flat width = tube diameter X 1.57
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