Wonderdal - Edutainment Centre

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Wonderdal - CAD Design
This is a truly inspiring project recently completed and on showcase at Hazendal Wine Estate Cape Town.
James Robbie at Red Pencil Creations had worked within a team to complete the "Kora Tree" within the 
Wonderdal Edutainment Centre.
A Formula D interactive learning and play experience for Hazendal wine Estate Cape Town. Where
Children's sense of curiosity and wonder are ignited into a world of learning and play.
A project first of its kind in South Africa, commissioned by the owners put together by a few visionaries
namely Formula D (concept), Team Architects (technical and general), Journeyman Collective Pty(Ltd) (CAD
design) and Red Pencil Creations Pty(Ltd) (manufacture) amongst others.
The Tree
It’s not often a product goes way beyond the artistic renderings and technical drawings. This really is a case
where even during manufacture learning became play and magic reality.
Materials used in the manufacture of the tree:
Thanks to AMT as our main supplier for advice, guidance and product delivered.
• 900m of 410gsm Biax (C305) main layup, 12 layers across all surfaces.
• 100m of 163gsm (C801) surface finishing, 1 layer on all surfaces.
• 550kg of Polyester resin (901 PA ortho)
• 30 sheets of polyurethane foam.
• 42 sheets of pine plywood, molds and mold frames.
• 48 kg of body filler, surface prep.
• 39L of paint, primer and finishing.
• 12, 000 man hours.
Working on a job like this is a dream come true. Nothing like this has ever been made before, so we had
complete creative license to make it how we thought best.
Journeyman Collective Pty(Ltd) and Red Pencil Creations Pty(Ltd) take full credit for the CAD drawings and
manufacture of what is possibly one of the finest examples of what can be made with fiberglass. All it takes is
good suppliers, courage, faith and a little bit of skill.
Please visit:
Formula D
Team Architects
Journeyman Collective Pty(Ltd)
Red Pencil Creations Pty(Ltd):
http://www to be announced...
Feel free to visit the Wonderdal website to see what this marvelous edutainment centre has to offer for children. 
Wonderdal - CAD Design
Wonderdal - CAD Design