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Smooth-On Catalogs

Explore our suppliers Smooth-On’s product line catalog. Be inspired, see how people use these materials to reach new creative heights for making molds, industrial parts, special effects, props, models, sculpture and much more.

Explore our suppliers Smooth-On’s concrete catalog. We have a new eye-catching catalog devoted exclusively to concrete-related applications and processes. It is a compilation of past high-profile concrete mold making projects and features a never seen project.

Explore the How-To Booklet for Mould Making and Castings. Smooth-On is here to take the guesswork out of making flexible molds and castings by offering this informative overview that will introduce the reader to basic techniques as well as materials available to make flexible molds and rigid castings.


Sika Axson Catalogs

Explore the Sika Axson Adhesives – Structural Bonding catalog. This catalog covers adhesives used in the automotive, transportation, marine, aerospace, and general industry.

Explore the Sika Axson Encapsulation and potting resins. This catalog covers encapsulation and potting resins that are ROHS Compliant, solvent free, halogen free and that are adaptable systems.

Explore the Sika Axson High Performance EP & PUR Systems for Tooling and Composites catalog. This catalog covers high performance EP and PUR Systems that are used in RIM and laminating systems and much more.