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AMT Trenchless offers the South African plumbing industry and individual plumbers a specialised plumbing material supplier and technology partner.

Picote lining cannon

The Picote Lining Cannon’s compact design and extremely light weight enables lining where inversion drums just can’t reach. Constructed from heavy-duty transparent polycarbonate and aluminum, the transparent body allows you to watch the liner inversion in real-time, giving more visibility and control.

Picote smart sweeper

An extremely versatile tool for a variety of tough drain cleaning scenarios including tuberculation, roots, calcite, and mineral & uranic scale in cast iron, concrete, clay, and PVC pipes. The ability to attach a front drill head further broadens the capabilities and a formidable tool for clearing blockages.

Picote grabber

The Grabber allows you to quickly retrieve lost tools, or foreign objects blocking a pipe, and avoid time & costs of digging & demolition. While using the CCTV camera, push the grabber into position. The grabbing head is easily rotated making it easy to locate and grip the item with precision.

Picote Products

AMT Trenchless

AMT Trenchless supplies Picote countrywide and provide optimal and comprehensive solutions for the rehabilitation of building and property drainage systems. Consumables, machinery and installation equipment, as well as rental equipment, are all included and available in the AMT Trenchless range of services. We allow our customers maximum flexibility in the rehabilitation of sewers and wastewater pipes on sites where it can often be difficult to plan.

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