Trenchless pipe rehabilitation

The innovative solution for renovating defective pipes

AMT Trenchless offers the South African plumbing industry and individual plumbers a specialised plumbing material supplier and technology partner.

Brawoliner pipe rehabilitation

Before installation, the flexible BRAWOLINER® is impregnated with epoxy resin &  inserted in the defective pipe by air or water pressure. BRAWOLINER® lines the pipe completely & eliminates all existing & potential damages. Result? A completely new & dense tube in the old pipe with significantly better static properties.

Inhouse rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of wastewater pipes in buildings is subject to special requirements and strict structural rules.The BRAWOLINER® HT rehabilitation system meets all structural requirements, bends up to 90°, provides up to two changes in dimension and has the exact DIBt approval for the rehabilitation of drainage systems within buildings.

Leaking pipes

The BRAWOLINER® Rehabilitation is the ideal solution for defective drainage systems in private houses & large real estates, industrial plants, hospitals & gas stations. The trenchless rehabilitation allows a quick, cheap & durable rehabilitation of pipes within buildings, buried pipes & pipe connections.

Brawo Systems

AMT Trenchless

AMT Trenchless supplies BRAWO® SYSTEMS countrywide and provide optimal and comprehensive solutions for the rehabilitation of building and property drainage systems. Consumables, machinery and installation equipment, as well as rental equipment, are all included and available in the AMT Trenchless range of services. We allow our customers maximum flexibility in the rehabilitation of sewers and wastewater pipes on sites where it can often be difficult to plan.

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